Arts Week 2015 - Inspired By...

During October, at HJS, we had an Arts Week. The topic was 'Inspired By...' Each year group were given an artist and image to focus on. From this, many different activities were completed such as Creative Writing, Art, Drama and Role Play. Year 3 were inspired by Andy Warhol, Year 4 were inspired by Henri Rousseau, Year 5 were inspired by Pablo Picasso and Year 6 were inspired by L.S.Lowry.  

Fantastic Art was created throughout the school. There are many displays put up around school to look at. 

Looking forward to the next Arts Week already!



Nick Hamilton aka Hammo!

During the Summer Term in 2016, Year 4 spent some time studying the Artist 'Hammo' to link with the termly topic of 'Rise of the Robots'.  Not only did they recreate images inspired by this artist, they generated a list of questions to ask him. They were incredibly lucky as he replied to their questions and published their work on his blog! Great work Year 4!


Take a look at his blog! 


Here are the questions and answers:

Why do you use Robots as a theme for your work?
I've always been interested in robots, ever since I was a kid. I used to love playing with Transformers when I was younger - that's probably where my fascination started. I really enjoy drawing street scenes, then adding huge robots that tower above the buildings, to make you look at the scene in a different way.
If you had another theme to base you work around, what would it be and why?
It would probably be cats. In fact my work features quite a lot of cats already! I've always liked (and owned) cats, and I suppose I just find them fun to draw. I quite like giving them daft expressions, or drawing them standing on their hind legs, dressed in human clothes. I sometimes try and sneak the odd cat into various bits of artwork that I do.
What inspired you to start drawing?
Probably my parents. I used to get them to draw me stuff, and I'd copy it. I was always asking my Dad to draw pictures of Superman for me when I was younger, which I would then do versions of. I was involved in an exhibition a couple of years ago where artists were asked to find a piece of artwork they did when they were younger, then redraw it. I chose a Superman picture that I drew when I was 8. (Pic 1 "Before I Could Draw")
What is the name of your favourite piece of artwork?
It's quite hard to choose a favourite, but I really like "Dad's going to kill you" as it tells a little story. The picture shows a brother and sister hiding behind a wall. In the background is a huge, radio controlled robot which has sat on, and crushed a building. I imagined the kids took their Dad's radio controlled robot, without his permission, and accidentally destroyed a building with it while taking it for a stroll around town. The title is what the sister is saying to her brother. (Pic 2 "Dad's Going to Kill You")
Who is your favourite artist?
At the moment it's probably Jonathan Edwards ( 
Gallery of work by illustrator Jonathan Edwards. Home; Illustration; Paintings; Comics; Sketchbook; Character Design

). He's an illustrator from Wales who's work is constantly brilliant. He draws portraits, paints amazing watercolour landscapes, and comes up with some fantastic character designs which his partner Louise ( know as Felt Mistress ) stitches into 3D characters using felt, thread and various other materials.
How old were you when you first became interested in art and drawing?
I've been interested in art as far back as I can remember. I think my Mum still has some paintings of Superman I did when I was in nursery school! It's something I've kept on doing, all the way through school and college. Then I studied Illustration at University, and now I'm lucky enough to do it as a job!
Have you ever built a model of any of the robots that you have designed?
No I haven't, but a boy from a local school once did. He saw a couple of robots I'd drawn online, so made one from paper and the other from clay and sent me some pictures. They were fantastic! (Pic 3 "Andy's Robots")
Apart from digital work and sketching have you created any other pieces of art using different mediums?
Yes, I do lots of large murals, using either paint (the kind you'd paint any household wall with) and brushes, or spray paint. I enjoy using spray paint, because it's really quick to cover a large area. The mural of my little girl chasing birds took 9 hours to do. Which may sound like a long time, but it was a huge wall! (Pic 4 "Wellington Mill")
On average, how long do your pieces of work take to complete?
That depends on the piece of work I'm doing. Something like the sketchbook cover (which I did for a local art shop) was quite quick, and took about half a day. I sketched it all out in pencil first, then scanned the drawing into the computer. Then I redrew it and coloured it in Photoshop. (Pic 5 "Fred Aldous Sketchpad")
For an illustration like 'Daniel' or 'Playtime', I think they each took about 5 days. The process was the same (starting with a pencil sketch, then drawing them up on the computer) but as they were so much more detailed they took a lot longer to complete. (Pics 6&7 "Daniel" & "Playtime")
Do you have a special place where you do your art work?
Yes I do most of my work in my loft at home. I've got everything I need up there from various paints, different kinds of paper, and the computer I do my digital work on. There are piles of old drawings lying around too, which I should really tidy up! (Pics 8&9 "Loft)
Is your real name 'Hammo'?
Nope, it's Nick. My surname is Hamilton. Hammo is something my friends used to call me, which stuck.


Art in the Community


In the summer term of 2015, Miss Felton was contacted by a local artist requesting help from a local artist called Jessica Jackson.  She was entering a competition to create a public art sculpture which would be located outside the Veolia Recycling centre. For this to happen, she needed the help of local children so she asked us! 

Children, from different year groups, were selected to help. We created arrow heads to be part of Jessica's design. Luckily she won the commission and our art work was now going to be publicly displayed. How exciting!

In July 2016, this art work was erected outside the recycling centre. The children involved visited the sculpture as soon as it was put up.  The public art work has attracted the local media with Miss Felton making an appearance on BBC Radio Shropshire and also an article in the Shropshire Star.