Roald Dahl Activities

It is time to celebrate the wonderful achievements of Roald Dahl. 2016 marks 100 years since the birth of Roald Dahl and at HJS we will be marking this special anniversary year by engaging in lots of Roald Dahl themed lesson activities. We promise it will be Dahlicious.

Our first celebration took place on his birthday anniversary Tuesday 13th September. The whole school took part in an action packed assembly with Mrs Thain. Children shared facts about Roald Dahl's early life and his approach to writing story books for children. Following this the children took part in fun games based on characters from his books. For example, they had to rescue sweeties from Mr Twits revolting stew as well as pinning a newt on Mrs Trunchbull's glass of water. After assembly, children returned to class to work in their House Teams to focus on a particular Dahl story book.



Mr Tombleson's group created a painting of The Enormous Crocodile.

Mrs Baines-Price helped her group to recreate George's Marvellous Medicine.


Our second activity was based on writing. Children across the school gathered for an assembly to explore their Whole School Writing process. The aim of the writing activity was to create a short story opening based on Disney The B.F.G. film trailer. Children engaged in discussion about the film clip before thinking about the settings. They orally rehearsed exciting sentence opening as well as creating a shared word bank which they could later 'magpie'. Once the children returned to class to work with their class teacher to look more closely at a success criteria. Before long, children were ready to write. Class teachers will be selecting the finest piece of writing to receive a prize and their wonderful short story opening will be 'published' on our school website.

The BFG Poster

After much debate, teachers from each year group have now selected their finest piece of writing. We are pleased to present to you our Writing Winners. They are Christopher W from Year 3, Liam B from Year 4, Riley C from Year 5 and Katelynn E from Year 6. They each received a prize and certificate in assembly and read on to see their fabulous story openings.

Under the cover of darkness, along the pitch black alleyway, just beyond the old, ancient orphanage, an almost mysterious figure crept in the eerie shadows, out of sight the gloomy city.

Suddenly, a gigantic hand popped into the orphanage and picked up Sophie and walked away. It was slow at first but it got faster.

Quickly, the mysterious figure took Sophie into a base underground, “Why am I here?” asked Sophie “You’re here because… your up too late” the figure boomed.

“Let me introduce myself, I am the FMM” said the FMM.

“FMM?” Sophie exclaimed.

“It stands for Fantastic Mr Man,” said the FMM.

 “Ah,” Sophie whispered.


“What was that?” questioned Sophie

“Erm… nothing,” said the FMM. 

“Ah!” screamed Sophie “I am in a bottle.”

“Oh no!” exclaimed the FMM.


The bottle broke “bye” said another giant.

“Anyway I know your family let’s take you home,” boomed the FMM.

By Christopher W

Year 3

Under the cover of darkness along the darkened alleyway, just beyond the old Stephen Street Orphanage, an almost undetectable figure crept in the shadows, out of sight of the sleeping city.

As Sophie walked down the old, creaky stairway with her patched, cotton duvet she watched a bunch of bins wobble making a tinny racket sound. She crept to the balcony to see what was going on. There was nothing so she crept back to her bed (trying not to wake up the other girls). She loved to read late at night because no-one distracted her. She turned the ancient clock back to twelve o’clock so she could read for longer.

Sophie, who wears large, dark rimmed glasses, jumped into her bed and covered herself with the duvet. She started reading a novel called FBG. Half way through the story she heard a thump and ran to the balcony.

Suddenly a colossal creature started to run at here. She covered her mouth so she didn’t scream and wake up the other girls. She sprinted as fast as her little legs could go. In a flash she jumped into bed and dragged the duvet over her. The creature put his crinkly, grubby hands into the window to grab Sophie.

“Help!” cried Sophie.

Clearly, Sophie warned the other children, “Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain”.

By Riley C

Year 5

Under the cover of the darkness, along the gloomy alleyway, just beyond the old, all gender homely orphanage, an almost monstrous, colossal figure crept in the eerie shadows, out of sight of the grand city.

Sophie was awake. She crept down the stairs, peered at the ancient grandfather clock, “5 o’clock witching hour!” Sophie whispered to herself in shock. She tiptoed upstairs into her, and many others colossal bedroom. Feeling audacious Sophie went through her thin curtains and peeped through the window.

Sophie saw something dash through the pitch black streets of London. The figure crept back and saw Sophie. Sophie saw it too. It was a freaky sight, whatever it was. It was an enormous creature, almost like a monster. Sophie had read about these in her mysterious book called, ‘The Most Dangerous Mythical Creatures’. This monster had three sinister eyes, furry, brown hair and an obnoxious spine-chilling attitude. It must be a ‘Struff’ monster. It reached out and grabbed her tightly around her waist. Sophie let out a blood curdling scream.

The ‘Struff’ took Sophie to a hill 80 miles away, in just under 10 seconds. The monster stamped its feet on the hillside then it opened up.

Clearly Sophie warned the other children, “Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain.

By Liam B

Year 4

In the black of night and the glow of the frosty winter moon, the streets of London, which were very lonely, were drenched in a heavy mist. Not even the soft sound of mice tip-toeing across the side walk could be heard. It was desolate. Standing awkwardly the grey, old Orphanage could just about be seen. This horrid building was trimmed with tiny drops of crystal ice making it look even more sinister.

Everyone was in a deep sleep, well almost everyone. Sophie was still awake. Every night she would creep down the broken stair case and change the grandfather clock. Clutching tightly, she carried around a dark red book – of which was her deceased mother’s. Without anyone knowing, she would slyly hide beneath her rainbow patterned tatty duvet and read. It was always silent… until that day.

A loud crash echoed from the cold, dark streets. ‘I CAN’T LOOK,’ Sophie thought, ‘Gas? What if it was the thing people had been speaking of?’ She felt faint. She must find a distraction. She needed to loose herself in her book so she could prevent her mind thinking about the rumours.

‘I must look!’ She told herself determinedly. She cautiously crept over towards the white, silk curtain and without a second thought she ripped them open. She gave a sigh of relief when she saw that it was just a trash can falling to the ground. Although, the more she stared out she started to spot a vile had reach out and grab it. ‘What was that?’

As fast as a bolt of lightning, Sophie darted into her bed. She prayed that the creature hadn’t seen her staring down. Sadly, it had been watching. The vile hand reached in through the sash windows of the dormitory and reached in for her. Sophie felt as if all of the air was squeezed from her. She felt paralysed.

Sophie decided to give advice to the other orphans. Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtains.

By Katelynn E

Year 6