We've had a fantastic time in Arthog. A huge thank you to the children, the Arthog instructors and the HJS staff for making it a great week!

Arthog 2013


Tuesday 3rd December

After an amazing day Gorge walking, Katie Cashion fell in the water whilst river flowing down Katie recoverd and become very brave, now she is very tired. By Katie Cashion

We were very scared at the start of the slate mine, because it was pitch black and very wet. After a while we became level with the darkness and found it quite easy! By Molly Armstrong.

I (ELOISE) loved the george walk because it was dangerous. I LOVE DANGER! By Eloise Wakeley Harley 

I loved the canoing because it was very fun. I also loved the trail treck . By Luke Worrall

I loved canoeing because we had a lot of fun and at the end we played a game like sharks and fishes. By Cori Evans

I love trail quest because the flags bit was awkward but we solved it! By Cole Stewart

I liked the trail quest because we could all work as a team really well, I also loved the canoeing because we were all scared of falling in! By Charlotte Davies

We did 2 fun activities today, the best was being in a canoe, because we played fun games and we learned how to turn and how to go round in circles! By Joel Brown

I enjoyed going in a canoe today, it was lots of fun, but also very wet. By Bella Davies

Today I enjoyed doing the gorge walk. I got drenched but it was lots of fun! By Holly Lovett

Today I really enjoyed the gorge and getting very wet, it was hard getting my clothes off at the end! By Archie Perkins

I really enjoyed the gorge walking, even though I fell over a lot! Danielle McGrath

I really enjoyed the gorge walking, we got really wet and I fell over many times! Katie Pickin


Wednesday 4th December

Today our group went Gorge walking and we got quite wet! Zara Jones.

We went rock climbing up a mountain and I was like spider man! Max Tipper

We went gorge walking and it was really fun because we got wet. Chloe Thomas

Today was the best day ever because we went rock climbing and it was fun! Kyle Willet

We went rock climbing and I got half way up, in the evening I cried but I am fine and I am missing home! Maisie Rogers

Today was a great day because we went rock cimbing and I went to the top twice.By Lilly Hughes.

Today was a fun day because we went rock climbing because I went right up to the top! Isobel Evans.

Today I went GORGE WALKING and I shoved my head under the waterfall. Jake Lewis

Today I went rock climbing and I thought it was really fun. Riley Goddard

I went rock cimbing and i hurt my knee so I did not wanmt to go up the big wall. Jack Barnes

Our group went rock climbing I enjoyed rock climbing after rock climbing we picked all of the plastic on the beach. Ryan Herzig

Our team went rock climbing and I enjoyed it because it was an activity I was looking forward to doing. Liam Coaten


Thursday 5th December

Today we had a great day at gorge walking and we all got vevy wet and it was great last ful day. Owen Hawkins

I have had a great last day and we went canoeing and we all got wet. Becky Hewson

I have had an amazing and wet last day because we did trail quest and had lots of fun getting wet in canoing! Carl Murch

I had a great day because went canoeing and got drenched! We also went to the trial quest! Olivia Harris

Today I had a good day because I went rock climbing and abseiled down the wall and then went to the beach and picked litter of the beach. Jessica Jones.

Today I had a good day because I went rock climbing and litter picking on the beach, when I went litter picking our group found a lobster trap which was not broken. Rimini Austin

Today we did rock climbing and litter picking . In the end it started to rain but we still had a good day. Jacob Owen Jones

Today we had a great time and we went canoing and trail quest the best time was when we had hot chocolate in the forest. Cameron Buckly

Today we had a fabulous day because we all enjoyed going to the mine which was very wierd but different and also we went to the gorge which we all got soaked however we all loved going and I have liked staying here these past couple days. Amber Hodgkiss

It was a fantastic day today while we went canoing and watched Woodie the (dog) fall into the lake trying to jump the canoes. Jaide Jones

Today we went gorge walking and we went to the bottem of the stream and climed up to the top and there was a lot of rocks and that was tricky because the rocks were really slippy and when we got to the top we all saw a big stream and we slide down it and I went 21 times. Erin Williams-Hindle

We went litter picking today and we found an astonishing amount of litter on the beach. We found a massive gas canister and a lobster net! Joey McCoy

We went to the gorge, we started on the beach, firstly we found a fish! Then we climbed up the gorge in 30 minutes it was an Arthog record and we are one of the only junior schools to do the complete gorge that quickly. I was the leader twice! Emily Griffiths (Happy Birthday Natasha!)

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